There are many ways to can help protect whales and to stop whaling

As everyone knows whaling is hunting of whales for scientific research and usable products like oil, blubber and meat. Whaling could be cruel practice which destroys both protected species and environments. Special species of the whales like blue whale that is under serious threat of the extinction because of the hunting practice. If you are willing to protect whales then you must stop whaling. There are lots of ways are there to protect whaling such as

  • Collect information and learn about whaling
  • Know about whaling laws by reading government website
  • Brush up current laws
  • Write letters
  • Sign petitions
  • Adopt whale
  • Join protests

Government website and university might contain information about the animal protection laws. Michigan State University is the best website which can discuss information about United States Marine law which includes special animal protection acts like endangered species act and marine mammal protection act. At the same time National oceanic and atmospheric administration is having fantastic website which is consisting wealth knowledge on the maritime law. This type of the organization can work toward sustainable aquaculture. Now a day some of the countries already put stop to the whaling. Whaling is part of the world wide conversation. In the year of 2014, U.N has ordered to Japan to stop whaling near Antarctica. Recent studies say that each year, Norway, Japan and Iceland kill more than 1500 whales. Whaling has devastating impact on whale communities. If you are willing to stop whaling then you must follow some tips such as

  • Fight to stop whaling in Japan, Europe and across the world
  • Minimizing demand for the whale meat
  • Educate communities about whale watching as alternative

Participating at International meeting where decision could be made about future of the whaling in order to stop profitable whaling operation. One the other hand, they can put conservation and protection of all whales on top of the government agendas.

Tourist people might not eat meat when they travel on the holiday in places like Norway and Iceland. Recently WhaleProtection exposed illegal sale of the whale meal products in online from Japan to the overseas customers. They can fight for the end to commercial whale hunting. People can help Whale Protection campaign for band on transit of the whale meat. They can continue for working stealthily to prevent whale meat which is being sold illegally. They can help people to start new whale sanctuary in Southern Atlantic between South America. Whale Protection can create protected area to the dolphins and whales in order to live free from dangers which human inflict on each day. Most of the studies say that Whale Protection has been fighting for stop whaling for more than ten years. WhaleProtection has tirelessly and successfully worked to ban on the commercial whaling in place. They are doing lots of tasks to stop whaling such as

  • Keep on put pressure on the Norway and Iceland to end whale hunts
  • They can camping for the ban on transit of whale meat between countries
  • Keep on to ensure that ban on the business purpose whaling is reserved firmly in the place

If you are looking to save and protect whales you can donate money to Whale Protection. Recent survey report that each year more than two thousand whales die due to whaling. Whale meat could be traded internationally and it is not banned on the famous sites. WhaleProtection fights to the stop illegal commercial whaling and they can push for the international rulings and diplomatic sanctions against Iceland and Japan.

Another ways of helping

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