There’s no better time to make a statement about environmental and species protection than at Christmas, and there’s no better way to do it than a donation to an organization that is involved in activities that you support. With economic times being as tough as they are these days, more and more people are less likely to “fuel the retail machine” choosing instead to spend their hard-earned dollars in a way that will truly make an impact. Instead of paying retail mark-up on products a cash donation to an organization such as the World Wildlife Fund will assure that 82 cents of every dollar donated goes toward conservation isn’t that preferred over 80 retail markup? We think so. Also, the World Wildlife Fund has been recognized by Charity Navigator, and meets the BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s Standards for Charity Accountability. And if you get your donation in on time you can typically receive a gift card well in advance of Christmas morning so you can present your gift in true holiday style. Money is needed every day of the year, but if you want to pool your gift funs into one resource this year, there’s no better time than the present!