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To learn about the whale threats

Whale is the magnificent animals and treasure in ocean deeps across the globe. It can contribute to ecological balance of the marine predator and offer stunning insights into the wildlife both prehistoric and modern. In a modern world dolphins and whales are threatened by certain factor such as

  • Climate change
  • Whaling
  • Entanglement in the fishing gear
  • Ship strikes
  • Oil and gas development
  • Habitat degradation
  • Toxic contamination

Latest research reveals that climate change could be having huge effect on the whale threatening. Noise pollution is the biggest threat to survival of the dolphins and whales because it might rely on the sound to locate food, detect danger and find its way. Noise pollution could be produced by the military industries and shipping which is used jarring and loud noises at their own ocean based activities like use of sonar, shipping traffic and exploring gas and oil. Hunting is threatened whales for centuries because it is high in demand for its hide, meet and blubber. Amazing numbers of the endangered whale species are there such as:

  • Sei whales
  • Humpback whales
  • Sperm whales
  • Bowhead whales
  • Grey whales
  • Right whales
  • Narwhals

Whale is the susceptible to the entanglement in the commercial fishing gear which can weakening whale and slow whales down. Commercial whaling began in the year of 1800 and some of the species might not be recovered from being hunted which is listed as the endangered. Global warming might affect the marine animals by impacting on food chain and its food supply. Whale watching is offering excellent opportunity for education and scientific knowledge. In a technology world most of the whales die from the enlargement in the fishing lines and net rather than on harpoon. This kind of the impact can affect all whale species from relatively common to rare. Massive number of the factor might contribute to the present endangered status of the whales like pollution, overfishing, private or commercial boating, dam or bridge construction and commercial whaling. In a traditional day, whales are hunted for the raw materials like lamp oil, candles, cosmetics, candles, margarine and cooking oil. Whale oil is widely used by majority of the countries. In a technology world dolphin and whales are facing more threats than before. Habitat pollution or other kinds of the disturbance is the threatening of the whale.