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In a present world incredible amount of the different whale species are available and it is having its own unique characteristics and identities. Blue whale is the biggest creature which is lived on the earth and it is larger than any of dinosaurs. Biggest recorded blue whale is female in Antarctic Ocean which was 30.5 m long along with the estimated weight of the 144 tonnes. Recent studies report that blue whale can drink about 225 liters. Sperm whale is having huge head that is up to third of the overall body length and it has heaviest brain up to nine kilogram. The North Pacific and North Atlantic right whale is among most endangered of the all whales. Survey reports that only hundred whales are available in North Pacific. Sperm whale is loudest whales that have been making sound up to 230 decibel. Whale belongs to order cetacea which includes dolphins, whales and porpoises. It has been categorized into the two suborders like toothed and baleen whales. Baleen whale is having comb like tassel which is used to filter the plankton. Like all types of mammals, whale can breathe air into the lungs and it has warm blooded. Diet of the whale might depend on the species that might range from the microscopic plankton to the large marine mammals.

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Majority of the whales particularly baleen whales have a tendency to travel long distance from the cold water feeding ground to the warm water breeding ground in each year. Whales are quite active in water and it can jump breach or high out of water and land back into the water. Currently defenders are hard to work on the highly endangered whale species. Whaling is considered as the biggest threats to whales. If you are searching in online then you can get information about whale such as

  • Male humpback whale could be found in United State and it can sing difficult songs in the winter breeding area in the water near Hawaii.
  • Blue whale is the largest animal which might grow up to more than 90 feet and its weight are quiet similar to 24 elephants.
  • Some species of the whales are longest lived mammals. Scientific research report than bowhead whale can live more than two hundred years and killer whale can live up to 100 years.
  • Killer whale is highly social and it can travel in groups which is matrifocal. People can learn more about Southern Resident killer whale.
  • Beluga whale is having flexible neck which allows it to move heads and its complex communication range of the clicks, whistle and chirps which has prompted nickname “canaries of the sea”.
  • Gray whale is one of the longest annual migrations of the any mammal and it can travel about 10,000 miles round trip.

The Minke whale is smallest baleen whale and physical design if the whale is completely complex and for that reason only it can survive in water. People are often confused whale with the dolphin but each is having different characteristics. It is the only mammals which is having capability to adapt to changing environment in water. As everyone knows whale is warm blooded so it can keep high body temperature. It is not having much hair because it only relies on the layer of the fat which is known as blubber. People can find out the younger whales which are having more hair rather than adults. You must remember one thing; whales are extremely large. Most of the expert agrees that blue whale could be the largest mammal on earth. Blue whale swim in the small groups but it can swim alone. Whale is diverse group of the fully placental marine mammal. The word whale might come from old English which mean large sea fish. Odontocetes is also called as the toothed whales which have one blowhole and teeth. It can rely on the well developed sonar in order to find its way in the water. This type of the whale might send out the ultrasonic clicks by using melon. Sound wave will travel through water. Bowhead whale can live exclusively in Arctic and it has thickest fat of all cetaceans. Smart whales are considered as the intelligent animals. Whale can communicate with other whale by using combination of the physical gestures like tail slapping, breaching and charging towards one another. Protecting whale is most important one and most of the organizations are struggling to protect whales like Whale Protection or WDC. People can find to them in order to stop from whaling. It is the amazing animal because it is loved by millions of the people around the world. During whaling industry era that could be occurred between 17th- 20th centuries and most of the whales are hunted for food, oil and other kinds of resources. Live exhibit at aquarium and whale watching shows might be brought in thousands of the visitors in each year. Whale can sleep entirely different rather than other mammals. Toothed whale can eat certain kinds of the fish like cod, salmon and tuna among others. Whale can swim can swim as fast as possible of 30 miles per hour. In fact whale sleep half brain only and it remember to take air in.